September 30, 2005

Revolution ahead

You all know Nintendo. Well, it has lost quite some ground in the past to Sony's PlayStation Systems and Microsoft's X-Box.

In general I'm quite a Nintendo-supporter because they have more of those games which require thought and have gameplay-depth than the other platforms provide. I'm thinking of Zelda and such. Despite that even I saw the coming of the Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Systems with mixed feelings compared to its competitors.

But now I can hope again. In the last few weeks I've been reading more and more articles and rumours about the upcoming Nintendo Revolution console and what I read excites me.

Like back in the 1980s, when Nintendo invented the father of all of our Joypads, see here for a comparison, it is again up to revolutionize our gaming experience completely.

Well, I'm already too excited to tell. Look over to IGN for more details: IGN: TGS 2005: Hands-on the Revolution Controller

I haven't bought a console platform since the SNES, but the Revolution will be the best candidate so far.

September 2, 2005

Sign of Sanity

Finally I found a sign of reference of Global Warming to Katrina, whose absence I recognized in a recent post.

Today an open letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush arrived in my inbox. Besides forgiving him his unability to help the people in New Orleans he also encourages him to stay on track and ignore all those signs that Global Warning is the source of South-East US' balefulness.

Come on scientific folks, now's the time to dig up your old studies and warnings about ecological consequences of "Americas Way of Life" and bring it to peoples attention.

Don't say you haven't been warned

September 2002: Hurricane Risk for New Orleans (from The Old New Thing)

October 2004: Gone With the Water (from eclecticism)

September 1, 2005

Katrina and environmental crimes

Well, Katrina (Wikipedia link, article currently under rapid change) has caused massive devastation in southern US.

This is an almost unbelievable human tragedy for all people in that region and has a large impact to the whole world.

But I'm still missing some news or articles what ultimately causes the increase in environmental disasters in the last years and decades. No one (at least to my knowledge) has yet combined the effects of global warming on the roots of Katrina. It is well known, although many are still unaware of what that really means for us, that the global warming heavily affects nature and weather. Global warming increases the likelihood of disasters.

Global warming is greatly aided by the US' ignorance of environmental protection, see the US and Australia rejection, so in a sarcastic way one can say that the great industry nations are now a step closer on environmental suicide. It's somehow their own fault, although we all have to suffer for those faults.