Revolution ahead

You all know Nintendo. Well, it has lost quite some ground in the past to Sony's PlayStation Systems and Microsoft's X-Box.

In general I'm quite a Nintendo-supporter because they have more of those games which require thought and have gameplay-depth than the other platforms provide. I'm thinking of Zelda and such. Despite that even I saw the coming of the Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Systems with mixed feelings compared to its competitors.

But now I can hope again. In the last few weeks I've been reading more and more articles and rumours about the upcoming Nintendo Revolution console and what I read excites me.

Like back in the 1980s, when Nintendo invented the father of all of our Joypads, see here for a comparison, it is again up to revolutionize our gaming experience completely.

Well, I'm already too excited to tell. Look over to IGN for more details: IGN: TGS 2005: Hands-on the Revolution Controller

I haven't bought a console platform since the SNES, but the Revolution will be the best candidate so far.


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