Top 10 Freeware Tools for Windows - Addition

The folks at SnakeOil Labs have compiled a List of the Top 10 Windows Freeware tools for 2005 and it is definitely worth a look.

And while they left out the over-popular things like Firefox and Opera my personal addition list will cover such, altough without importance-rating:

  • Mozilla Firefox: Does this really need an explaination?
  • Mozilla Thunderbird: Read mail - not spam!
  • SequoiaView: Shows you the size of the files and directories on your HDD in a way that you can find the largest ones almost instantly.
  • IrfanView: Can display almost any image format and has a small footprint.
  • StrokeIt: Just like OptiMoz brings gesture recognition to Firefox, this little tool gives you gesture command abilities to the Windows Desktop in general. (Just don't forget to exclude the Firefox-window from recognition, if you install both!).

For developers, there are a few extra packages:

  • TortoiseCVS: An extension to the Windows Explorer, which integrates CVS directly into the right-click dropdown menu.
  • Synergy: Enables seamless mouse- and keyboard sharing across several computers/screens and even between different platforms. Also synchronizes the clipboard.

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