Recipe for an entertaining evening

This weekend I enjoyed a quite entertaining evening. Since it had been much fun I'd like to share the recipe for that:

  • a girl
  • a boy, having a relationship with the girl
  • two sisters, one of them in former love with the boy, the other one to the contrary

Take care, that you choose a girl which only sporadically shows her 'love' to the boyfriend when people are around. The boy should be one of those who are 'orbiting' around their girlfriend most of the time. It also aids the fun if both of them are a bit stubborn.

Mix all of them together in an environment of a mead tasting event and let them rest for a few hours. You'll notice that after some time the mixture begins to sparkle and fizzle around. Dark thunder-clouds can appear on opposing sides of the bunch and somehow a strange separation of the ingredients occours. This can either be followed by a series of small explosions or a surprising silence and peaceful reunification of the trimmings. The later the evening and the higher the alcohol-niveau the faster and reactive the reactions become.

Take care, that under no circumstances you end up between two or more of the parts. Always secure your neutral position! Stay out of range!

The joy in the whole procedure lies not in waiting for the final result, at least not only, but in trying to predict the upcoming actions and reactions of the different parts. It's also possible to initiate some betting if you have some additional surveyors with you. It can be much fun too discussing why somebody has reacted to something in the way he or she did.

From time to time there will be periods of silence or peace, but if the ingredients are well-chosen, reactions will spontaneously re-initiate on their own. In the meantime you'll have to have fun in another way but that shouldn't be a large problem.

Later in the evening (perhaps even the next morning is approaching) if the steady flow of alcoholic fluids has sustained reactions will become more uncoordinated and sometimes people will not even react to actions. The whole thing gets more unpredictable and attacks have probability to jump over from the vocal to the physical stage.

For some people this level is also entertaining but for this is the time when I begin to take some care and keep an eye on the parts to keep them from hurting themselves or creating too much damage. It's not uncommon for me to jump the train at this stage and bring the evening to a nice ending. Well, nice at least for me when I have the confidence that no one was physically hurt and everyone is safe for the rest of the night. Sometimes somebody escapes and vanishes in the night. This is annoying but unchangeable and surely something I can live with. After all, everyone is responsible for his own actions even if I'm trying to take some care on them.


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