Christmas and New Year roundup

Ok, now that I'm back from year-end vacation I'll put up a small roundup of the past two weeks:

  • We bought our first christmas tree in the new upper level of our house. Not cheap but it's a 2.50m giant. Well, it was before we had to cut the bottom branches...
  • My darling got tickets for Apassionata, a famous horse show
  • I got a brand new (and surely expensive as hell) DeLonghi automatic Espresso Maker
  • On New Year's Eve we invited some friends to our house and celebrated the evening
  • The next day we picked up the leftovers from the rockets and fireworks which were sticking in the snow. Looked funny
  • Snow, loads of snow... And all had to be shoveled away...
  • Not much time or passion to turn on laptop or computers in the two weeks
  • In the few moments my laptop was turned on I began learning Java
  • Sorted my insurance papers a bit, left them lying around too long already
  • Got a replacement cashcard twice, have to go to the bank and give one back
  • Christmas wasn't as busy as I expected, but most of it accumulated on the 24th

All in all two nice weeks.


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