Acquiring broadband?

The last few days I've been thinking about boosting my internet connection at home again. I thought about that already about a year ago but did not find anything suitable at that time.

Of course I was looking for something all the time but only recently something changed. Somewhere around Christmas Inode enhanced their ADSL reselling products by two optional upgrades:

  • 7 GB Transfer Upgrade & Fair Use
  • 20 GB Transfer Upgrade & Fair Use

With these upgrades I finally found a product which enables me for low-cost massive broadband. "Fair Use" in these options means that the transfer volume can be transgressed to 110%, without that there is no limit but I have to pay for every excess MB.

I chose to buy the smallest available ADSL package (384/128 - 500MB) and enable the 7 GB option for it. I don't really need a faster line and I doubt that decent online gaming (except fast FPSs) is affected by it.

Well, including the option the price for the whole package lies below 30\x80, very fine for me :)

The order form is lying on my desk and I plan to send it over to Inode today. Better to do so because after the 15th I'll have to pay extra installation fee.


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