Broadband arrived

Yeah, finally. Last Thursday my broadband order was delivered.

Set it up using the ADSL-modem which was delivered three days earlier with some slight problems. The problems arised because I don't like to start those "wizard" setup tools which are bundled with every providers connection and install crap all over the system. So I had to manually set up some things but the modem refused to work because it had no templates(?) installed. Had to fire up the providers setup-tool but canceled execution after it had the missing templates transfered. Strange stuff.

Well nevertheless. Yesterday I purchased a Netgear DG834G ADSL modem and wireless router and installed it instead of the providers modem. Worked completely flawlessly and I was online with the new hardware within minutes.

Later in the evening I upgraded the firmware on the router from version 2.10.22 to 3.01.25, which I found on Netgears DG834v2 Support Download Page.

And since it runs embedded Linux and the source is availabe I'm looking forward to hack the crap out of it.


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