June 29, 2006

Blog experiments

Today I tried upgrading this blog to MovableType 3.3 final beta and it worked quite seamless and without any issues.

Just the MT-Keystrokes spam filtering plugin stopped to work and rejected any comment so I deactivated it. Within a few hours I've had more than 300 comment spam entries so I decided to deactivate comments and trackbacks alltogether for now until I've a better spam-protection.


These pains in the back are slowly driving me crazy. The symtoms of Sciatica are quite that what I'm currently experiencing, just that I wake up with nearly no issues at all. But thourough the day the pains slowly build up and reach their peak in the late evening.

I should really stress myself to visit the doctor again soon...

June 26, 2006

Eventful week

The last few days have been full of personal events, good ones as well as bad ones. On the good side I've had birthday. On the bad side my backache I've having for some weeks now is still present.

There have been more events but those are quite private and those who are concerned know about it. Thanks to you all!

Issues from the past have been addressed, the present has enhanced and the future promises to bring even more. Even if some things may be difficult, I'll look forward into a great future and I hope, so do you all!

June 21, 2006

A Sixth Sense in the Wired World

If this ever hits safe ground on medical and duration issues I'd really like to think to get one.

June 10, 2006

Knowledge dump

It's again time for a massive link-dump. It's a bit difficult to navigate around if a browser window has thirty-two tabs in it and time doesn't allow to check them regullary. So, there we go.

Cool Stuff:

  • Yogurt Making Illustrated shows you how to produce yogurt on your own in a few hours
  • PortableApps.com has produced a convenient package of applications which are able to run directly off an USB memory stick or other portable memory devices (Win only)
  • The Four Mile Island Ice Box is a non-electric refridgerator build by someone to freeze in winter and stay cool all summer
  • A Thermite Reaction is something I'd really to try out sometime
  • The Wookieepedia is a great ressource for any Star Wars fan and a good read for all other fiction-fans
  • The Science section of RMCybernetics has quite some articles around cool science, physics, high voltage, etc. stuff
  • MIT is offering all their Physics lessions as downloadable videos for everyone, for free
  • MIT OpenCourseware offers even more education ressources from the MIT
  • Some Myths Busted around LED tells what advantages and disadvantages LED lighting really has
  • C64s.com offers you many of those old C64 classic games as online playing experience, nostalgy alert
  • Wikimapia is a Wiki for Google Maps where everyone can mark places and spots and give comments or insight, my personal take on Chernobyl reactor tourism
  • AOJ Outdoors Tip #50 describes an easy and nontoxic way to get rid of annoying yellow jackets

Personal Development:


Computer Technology:

Rubik's Magic

And I found another thing from my past which has kept me busy thinking about what's its name and where to start looking for it in the first place.

And now with the help of Rubiks.com I've found the Rubik's Magic Puzzle which was another ghost of my mind for quite a long time.

Many hints and descriptions of this 'magic' can be found here. Around 1997 the creators of the puzzle seem to have changed the colors of it. I like the old black and rainbow colors better. Perhaps I'll purchase one but I'd like to still look around a bit, perhaps I can get my hands on the old edition somewhere or can save shipping costs when I order it from a nearer geographic location.

June 9, 2006

A new experience

We were curious. We agreed. Stepped in. It was new. We liked it. We enjoyed it. New feelings. Never knew you that way. Like you. Want to get to know you. Again. We have fun. Take more of it. You tell me. Concealed something. Confession. A stroke. It burns. I'm wounded. World is whirring. Who are you? Explain. I'm down. Let me rest. Have a meeting. More explaination. Guilt. Reasons? Don't hide them. New sense in old words. World collapses. Mind breaks. It's dark. Don't feel my body. No one left. Can I take it? I need time. Senses back. Who are you? You could have told me earlier. Nothing as before. Give me time. Have to process. Don't want to disturb you. Don't want to loose you. I'll manage. It'll be around for a long time. Want to continue. Have to think. Have to acclimatize. Will adapt. I'm flexible. We'll get by. Don't hide again. Never!

June 7, 2006

Blog URL changed

My Blog url has changed because the guys of FreePgs.com were generous and equipped me with a subdomain.

This blog can now be reached under http://kosi2801.freepgs.com, please update all your links, feeds and bookmarks accordingly. The old urls will be forwarded some time.