A new experience

We were curious. We agreed. Stepped in. It was new. We liked it. We enjoyed it. New feelings. Never knew you that way. Like you. Want to get to know you. Again. We have fun. Take more of it. You tell me. Concealed something. Confession. A stroke. It burns. I'm wounded. World is whirring. Who are you? Explain. I'm down. Let me rest. Have a meeting. More explaination. Guilt. Reasons? Don't hide them. New sense in old words. World collapses. Mind breaks. It's dark. Don't feel my body. No one left. Can I take it? I need time. Senses back. Who are you? You could have told me earlier. Nothing as before. Give me time. Have to process. Don't want to disturb you. Don't want to loose you. I'll manage. It'll be around for a long time. Want to continue. Have to think. Have to acclimatize. Will adapt. I'm flexible. We'll get by. Don't hide again. Never!


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