European Song Compost 2007

The last ten finalists have been determined yesterday in the several hours lasting semi-finale. And here I may present the proud finalists who made it through the semi:

Great. So now lets get on to the fina... wait! Let me have another look at that list. See something? They're almost all eastern countries and none of them is coming from the "old" EU states. Something's strange here... Also if you have watched the show yesterday, maybe you had the same thought as I. On many songs I had the feeling that I know the music from somewhere else. For example the beginning of the song and the recurring tunes from Belarus reminded me of some songs from "James Bond". Or Switzerlands DJ Bobo reminded me of... well, himself in his other songs (which I personally like quite much nevertheless). Or Moldova, which reminds me of something like Apocalyptica or Nightwish - Nemo. And this feeling with almost all of the songs... It felt "flat", nothing really special.

And also the shows. Many of the songs more relied on the background performance than on the music or, on the other hand, on the "crazy"-factor of the song.

So in conclusion, I'm quite disappointed with this years Song Contest and also because the few entries which I think have a bit higher quality than the rest didn't qualify at all. I also expand this to our entry which I liked this time. The last few years our entries to the Song Contest (despite the success of Alf Poier) weren't really something outstanding and of quality.

And I'm not the only one who thinks this way...

PS.: I've again collected a huge pile of browser tabs, so expect another link dump in the next entries...


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