June 21, 2007

Researchers get an open platform for sharing their knowledge

In the last few months and years there has been an ongoing discussion about open and free platforms for scientists and researchers to collect and share their combined knowledge.

Until now there were very few possibilities for scientists, to be true I don't know a single one, to make their documents available to the public without costs. Of course, they could post their findings on a personal or corporate website but in that case they would have to set up a platform for commenting and easy access theirselves and also make this location detectable. This is too steep for most scientists.

But now Nature has set up an open and free platform, called Nature Precedings, where scientists can upload their documents and make them available for an open community to categorize, read, cite, comment, tag and most important search. It also provides RSS feeds and discussion possibilities like many of the socializing platforms out there.

Hopefully this step now speeds up the movement to more open and more accessable research in the whole scientific community.

In my opinion making research available for commenting and searching to anybody can only add more quality to the researches.

June 20, 2007

Simpsons vs. Fatboy Slim

I somehow stumbled across a link to the probably longest Simpsons intro video. It's a nice watch but it's not an unique idea, because while watching this I remembered that the video to Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now did almost the same, just a bit earlier.

Nevertheless, I like both of the videos quite much :)

June 19, 2007

Linux Firefox annoyance removed

Finally! I found the setting which changes the annoying behaviour of Firefox on Linux to scroll up instead of jumping back in the page history when you press the Backspace key.

Set the about:config-option browser.backspace_action to "0" and everything is allright.

See this Lifehacker article for details.

Suckin' dust

Just came back from making a 100km shopping tour. And all for one single item, the Dyson DC11 Telescope Allergy.

I know it's a bit expensive but I got a great discount on it, almost one third of its price. The reason why I bought this sucker is that until now our family only used vacuums with bags and besides having running costs for the bags they often broke after one or two years, began to loose suction when the bag were not even filled 20 percent and were often built in a slacky way.

We decided to end this torture for more than 2 years this time and looked around for bagless cleaners which are robust and have good reviews. Most of the Dyson cleaners fulfill these requirements according the reviews and so the search for a cheap retailer began. It endet when I found a store about 50km from home which offered the DC08 and DC11 at a price much cheaper than I found them anywhere else.

And so the deal was set.

Now I'm already curious for trying it out the first time and comparing it to our previous suckers... ;)

June 12, 2007

Congrats sweetheart

Last week my darling passed her Matura with honors. Outstanding success. I was present the afternoon when her tests took place and watched her and a few other peoples taking the tests and all in all I had the feeling that most of them really had knowledge of what they were talking about. Altough I know for a few this did not apply, since I can remember my own Matura, all of them passed.

A few comments regarding my sweetheart were even included in the headmasters speech afterwards for her outstanding success and exceptional development in the last few years.

Now after a long time in schools and lots of learning and trouble, all of it has finally paid off.

I always told you, you'll make it :)

June 6, 2007

Software installation procedures degrade

Did anyone recognize how the installation procedures for common software applications changed in the recent time?

I mean that more and more installation procedures tend to skip the steps where the user is asked for the location of the application to install and the folder location or name of the Start/Program menu where the links are to be created.

This really bugs me because in general I try to sort my application links in the Start menu into subfolders like "Tools", "Multimedia", "Internet" or "System". But if an application, for example let's say [Google Earth][1], thinks that it knows better than me where I'd like to have my startup links for it (namely here Start->Programs->Google Earth), it completely breaks my personal categorisation.

"No big deal, just manually move the newly created folder into one of your categories" one might think. And on the surface it's really that easy. But beneath, besides being quite annoying if you're regulary installing new software, it also breaks part of the removal process when you decide to uninstall that application. If the Start menu entry is not on the same location as installed anymore, it won't get removed and stay in the own-categorized folder as rubbish.

So I call all install-package-creators out there: Please let me choose my installation- and Start-menu path.