Lucid dreaming...

A few days ago I had again an experience which until today I just had two times in my life. In the morning I had a "Lucid dream", which can be a quite thrilling happening for someone on the first time.

Lucid dreaming is actually a special dream during which you're aware that you're asleep and where you are able to take control of your dream.

I first experienced such a dream some years ago, which was a big surprise for me back then as, of course, I've never known or imagined that it would be possible to control ones own dream. All my lucid dreams so far occoured near the end of my sleep-phase in the morning when I was woken up just for moments and faded away again almost instantly. This second sleep happened to be such a lucid dream. What's strange is, that altough on every of these dreams I can remember quite clearly that short awakening phase and almost everything what happened in the dream, which is, as far as I've read so far, not very common on the first lucid dreams.

This is also a topic which from time to time pops up on several pages, here I'm giving a few of them:


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