New mobile phone

Just on a short note, I've purchased a new mobile. Well, "new"... It's an used Nokia E50 smartphone but it is in very good condition. My brother or better, his girlfriend helped me to acquire it via eBay, thanks for the inconvenience again.

What I have to say about this is, that it is quite a change from my previous Nokia 6610, especially that the menu isn't so straightforward anymore and some of the settings are hidden in different locations and topics. It also feels much more like a computer with a limited keyboard than a mobile phone, at least to me. I got the model without a camera, but it's alright that way because I focussed more on business features like contact management and computer synchronization than multimedia features.

I'm already curious, how long this lasts, my last mobile served me well for around five years. Todays lifetime of modern mobiles is around one year...


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