June 26, 2008

It's getting hot

And today is another day where the thermometer hits values in the area around 30°C. Shouldn't be so spectacular, as we're having summer and the sun shines almost all day. Well, this reading is from inside an air-conditioned office!

In the recent few days, I've been feeling somewhat uncomfortable and I completely blame the temperature for that. This is somehow strange for me as this is not the first year with such climatic conditions but the first year where I experience physical problems because of this.

Maintaining concentration is now clearly an issue...

June 20, 2008

End of learning term

Yesterday our last lecture for this term at the university took place. This concludes the second term and leaves just most of the tests open which will have to be passed in the next weeks. Last Wednesday we already had our Russian final exam. I expected to be quite bad in this as I'm normally quite bad in languages but I think I did surprisingly well. Of course, now I don't have time to dig deeper into that language but I plan this for later.

So, on to the next ones...

June 11, 2008

Building continues

I just got noticed, that the tilers have finished with my new toilet and bathroom. I'm quite excited, that after some slow times finally a major step in the construction of my own personal living space concluded.

There are still some big steps ahead but the bathroom and toilet were the largest part of leftover work which has been open for the foreseeable future.

Altough I haven't seen the final result myself yet, I saw the tilers results of yesterdays work. Awesome.

Bathroom - tiles

Toilet wall - tiles

Toilet floor - tiles

June 1, 2008

System Shock 2 Addons

Just for the record, so that I don't forget about those: