May 23, 2008

Classic Remake - Metroid SR-388

Maybe I'm a bit late on this but when I read about that I've been very excited and forgot to mention it. Metroid SR-388 is a fan project for Metroid which takes on the SNES version "Super Metroid" and follows this path.

Currently, all what is available is this teaser but as the creator says it is already outdated and even this looks incredible, the expectations for this game are quite high.

I just hope the final product will be available and copyright issues with someone (Nintendo) won't put this to an end.

May 16, 2008

Goodbye K.

Yesterday was the last appearance of my former manager of the project I spent a great part of my time in this company on.

Two days ago he announced a small farewell-party and invited lots of people to it. It was quite a nice party and we all had a great time. There were some sad moments tough, especially when one after the other had to leave and made a final goodbye handshake.

Goodbye K., you've always been one of the bright spots in every project we've participated together.

May 8, 2008

Some visual impressions

Yes, I'm still alive. Just had quite few spare time because I had to manage to get my tiles and organize everything with the tiler (which is still not finished). Furthermore work and university have been quite time-consuming lately.

Nevertheless to give you a bit of an excuse, I've found a few seconds of time to play with my cam again and here are the two shots which I like most.

The first is a tunnel exit where I had only seconds to get the cam, turn it on and fire, so please excuse the low image quality.

On the second picture I tried to make some long-exposure shots of a fountain but only this one at 1.5sec came out nicely and not too overexposed. I still have to practice at this. Furthermore I want to buy a small tripod because I couldn't find a nice location to stabilize the cam during the shot but had to place it on a trash bin and tilt it a bit with a handkerchief.


The light at the end of the tunnel

Night fountain