July 11, 2008

Full retro ahead

After last weekends exams I had some time to spend on my Wii. Besides giving Super Smash Brothers Brawl a try, which ended with a mixed impression as I didn't read the manual and was overwhelmed by the different game-modes and moves, I also installed the Homebrew Channel and added ScummVM and Snes9X.

I spent a few relaxing hours with some of the LucasArts games (especially DOTT). As I have also read that Chrono Trigger will be rereleased for the Nintendo DS this winter and that Mega Man 9 will find its way to the Wii this fall, I've also played a few hours of SNES Chrono Trigger.

Now if just Metroid SR388 could give me a bit more than this outdated trailer or this more recent anti-spoiler... my joy would be perfect :)

Update And a new Mega Man 9 Trailer is out... I think I feel young again :)