Yes, it's been again quite a while since my last posting. What has happened in the meantime? My term at the university is over, I had the last two exams for which I learned quite a lot and for some of which the results are still not available. After the last exam we had a BBQ with our study-colleagues which was quite nice and lasted all night long. Stayed overnight in a tend there... At work I've been the replacement for my group leader and so had more stuff to do and organize than usual. This has been challenging as in terms of know-how I'm still not experienced enough in the area so that I could replace my colleague completely. And last weekend my brother celebrated his 25th birthday with three other people who grew 25. We were invited to a remote location to stay overnight, eat, drink and have fun. It was a great place there although until we were able to find it we had to ask for the way and survive lightning, thunder, extreme rain and hailstorms. Sadly my darling had to fight with tooth-problems for some days already and couldn't enjoy the party :(

And between all that I've been attending a Swedish-course. It's interesting to learn that language but with so little time it's really a rarity when I'm home and the sun still shines. Most of the time we don't even eat at home, but on the way and when we arrive home it's already bed-time. Quite some stuff at home which waits to be done at some time.

I really should try to get more sleep...


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