Team switch

This week, the first week back at work after vacation, had quite an interesting start. Monday was without surprises, just Sprint demos and a bit of administrative work. But on Tuesday the interesting stuff began when I received an invitation for Sprint planning meetings of another team.

As it turned out, there had been some initial conversation about me helping in another team for a specific task but the discussion had no clear conclusion. In the end and after some negotiation between the teams we agreed that for the upcoming month I'm assigned to the other team. There I'll assist with their current tasks so that the task I've been originally requested for can be finished faster after the ones with higher priority are completed.

So I'm now completely shifted to a different team (the same I've already joined some time ago) for four weeks and after the first few days my impression is that as well the other team can benefit from my knowledge with the Scrum methodology as well as I can benefit from the different tools and experience how they solve their problems. A clear win-win situation.

Of course everything has been discussed with my other team and it posed no problem to them in the upcoming time.

Just one drawback is that the next vacation block in two weeks had to be canceled because of these changes. But since I've got plenty of vacation left for this year, this is fine with me.


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