Is cursive writing dying?

After reading this Time-article about cursive handwriting I thought a bit about my own handwriting style. And I think I can confirm that. When I learned cursive almost all of the handwritten stuff which was written on notes, papers, signs and elsewhere was a clean cursive style. Nowadays my own handwriting style has changed to a strange mixture of cursive and typed letters. I personally even have problems controlling the casing when I write by hand. I have no problem with casing when I'm typing with a keyboard but when I hold a pen in my hand I begin to mix up uppercase and lowercase from time to time. I don't know why, but I cannot get rid of this. Furthermore my handwriting is comparable to the handwriting of a doctor. It merely reminds me of what I wanted to write when I wrote it down. But it's not only me, I also recognized this degraded handwriting on many people, even some younger ones who have not such a long time from their learning phase.

I already thought of improving my handwriting by practicing from time to time but other from readability for others I found no practical reason to do so and that's why I didn't come around to do so until today. But maybe I'll find some time...

(via Lifehacker)


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