Presentation success

Yesterday evening I held a short five-minute presentation for our lecture "Project Work and Presentation". The exercise was to hold a presentation of any topic for five minutes.

The three days before I've been working on that presentation because I wanted to take the chance and try something completely new for me. My goal was to hold one of those presentations, where the visuals change every other second and match the sentences or "story" of the presenter. It was very hard for me because I had to take care that the flow of pictures and graphics matched the descriptions I'm giving in front of the audience. Another obstacle I had to get around was that I had to memorize the whole flow of the presentation, which image and which slide appeared after each click and when I wanted to proceed to the next picture/slide during my speech. It was also the first presentation where I really practiced the whole presentation several times the day (or better, night) before. I knew, either it will be a huge failure or a big success. But since it wouldn't have a large impact on my mark and I wanted to try this for a long time already I just did it.

In the end I managed to keep my mind together during the presentation and remember almost everything. To cite one of my colleagues, the audince was simply stunned. Seems, my presentation went well :) Of course, there are still things which can be improved, like my costantly expression of 'aah's and 'uhm's and I should have taken more care that some pictures contained texts which weren't unreadable to the audience (I didn't intend to make them readable, but the audience still tried) but these are things I'm arware of and I'm constantly working on.

For now I'm quite happy with my performance and in the future I'll try to also make important and technical presentations more professional and better than I did in the past.


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