Metroid SR388 down the tubes

A bit more than a year ago, the new website for Metroid SR388 opened its doors. It was very well received and had quite some fanbase which was eagerly waiting for the very promising Metroid SR388 metroid remake by a guy called "von richter".

Nowadays I've given up all hope on this project. There has been some more progress and some more trailers but around spring this year the project began to stall. There was a bit confusion in the forums (vonRichter renamed himself to ProjectLeaderGuy and some crazy stuff) but from that time on there wasn't much of any news.

And now the website domain went down and is for sale again, so I guess that Metroid SR388, as much as it has been hyped in the community, is gone for good.

What's now left for me and my need for retro is another Metroid fan project, AM2R. I hope this one survives a bit longer and releases a final product sometime in the future.


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Its not dead. The website forum was hacked and the project was finally moved into private (getting pretty close to done). There are requests by the 2nd project leader (Infinite) for more coders off and on that are dated up to November 2009, despite all progress updates having stopped like a year ago.