Multitouch for Windows with Synaptics Touchpads

There hasn't been much of change lately as I'm still busy with getting my ankle healed (it doesn't hurt anymore if I don't tilt the foot unnaturally) and trying to get the schedules and work done for university.

So as a small ping again I'd like to re-blog something which has improved the work with my laptop in the past few days. To be exact, this blog posting gave me the hint that almost all Synaptics-Touchpads used in laptops can be upgraded to recognize multitouch gestures. So it's possible now, as on Macs, to tap two fingers onto the touchpad and automatically engage scrolling mode.

Everything which is needed is to install this updated Synaptics driver for Windows XP (this one for Windows Vista/7) and enable the paging with two fingers in the driver settings.

If you want to know more about the possible actions with the new multitouch (like ChiralScroll), have a look at to the Synaptics gesture descriptions.


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