Injured again

As most Sundays today I've been playing Badminton again. After a relatively good start, I somehow came back down to the ground again after jumping for the ball in a not very stable position. Not stable enough to keep upright to be precise. To make this story short, I again turned over my ankle, although this time my left one. During my falling down I heard a loud (at least for me) snapping sound from my ankle and when I hit the ground my left leg was already paralyzed by the pain.

Compared to the last time I experienced something similar, that sound made me worry quite a bit. The paralyzed leg recovered after a few minutes but a tiny achiness stayed. Nothing I'd worry about if I hadn't already made bad memories with my right ankle and hadn't heard the snap.

So over the day I again visited the hospital, where after about two hours of waiting and about three minutes of treatment (in total) I was sent home with the diagnosis of pulled tendon. And now in the evening it's hurting more.

The doctor at the hospital just took a quick look at my ankle and moved it a bit but none o the movements hurt. I hope that he made the right diagnosis in this hurry and my tendon is really not ripped apart.

Let's see how the next few days develop...


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