Some bits of fitness

Over the last three weeks I've started again with performing some exercises. I'm doing this because on the one hand I want to strengthen my torso muscles to avoid problems with my spine again as I had in the past. On the other hand I want to raise my overall fitness and condition and to be honest I also hope that it changes my metabolism a bit so that I gain a bit more weight.

For now I chose the number of pushups I'm able to perform in a row as a quick indicator of my progress. When I started about three weeks ago my limit was 20 maximum leaving me quite exhausted for some minutes. Two days ago I've been at 30 maximum but not as exhausted as in the beginning, just with the need for faster breathing now. I'm a bit surprised by this fast improvement.

I'm not planning to make any investments in sports gear for now as I think it should be possible to work out without special equipment at the current level where I rate myself. But I had a quick chat with a classmate about it who is a bit more serious about training and I try to follow his tips.

I also returned to the Badminton field with work-colleagues two weeks ago and we're aiming to keep it a fixed event every week. Maybe I can also return to the Sunday-event with another classmate. But since my last exercise with her, where I damaged my ankle, is already quite a bit in the past and my position has most probably been filled by a replacement player, my hopes are currently not too high for this.


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