Weekend workout

Whheeeeee, the hard weekend is over and I think it has been quite successful. All exams have been held, all presentations are performed including one surprise-presentation which was scheduled just the day before.

Since the stressful time was over, I set up a bit of sports activity. Namely playing Badminton with a studying colleague today morning.

This was my first intensive physical exercise since quite some time (think of years), nevertheless I think I did quite well. I could keep up with the condition of the others and my reactions were fast enough I think. I just had some problems with targetting and concentration on the rules how to switch positions after each move which I think are the main reasons why I've always been on the team which lost each match :) But I became better over time and the last match was already very close on the edge of victory.

I hope, that this was not only a one-time event and that I continue with some sports in the future.


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