New Skype Utility Page: Skype Contacts Overview

In a boring moment recently I sat down and created another utility page for Skype on Windows which was wandering around my mind for some time already:

Skype Contacts Overview

I created this page because from time to time I wanted to have a quick overview of the Skype-IDs of my contacts (especially for fooling around with the Skype API ;) ). From within Skype I always had to open the contact details page for each contact and this became just too cumbersome over the time. And I can now also read the full mood-messages from all contacts even if they are too long to be displayed un-shortened in the Skype contact list.

Another intention was to make information conveniently available which is maybe not even accessible from within the Skype client, such as the time when a contact has been seen online the last time which could help someone when there is the need to clean up old contact entries in the list.

Again, the same restrictions as for my Skype Rich Mood Editor apply:

  • Page viewed in Internet Explorer
  • Skype Client with Extension Manager installed
  • Let IE access ActiveX on this page

Feedback on this page is always welcome :)


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