Skype Contacts Overview

This page does not work with recent versions of Skype anymore. See explaination here. Sorry.

This page gives you an overview of your Skype contacts and displays extended information (even some which aren't accessible in Skype itself, like last-online time) conveniently in a table. There are many more fields present in Skype but I think these ones are the most useful for now. Maybe I come around to build up a configurable table-display sometime in the future.

Prerequisites for this page:
  • Page viewed in Internet Explorer
  • Skype Client with Extension Manager installed
  • Let IE access ActiveX on this page
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Skype-client connection

On Win7 it may be necessary to disable the "Protected" mode for the Internet Zone in your IE security settings to successfully connect to Skype. Don't forget to reenable it again after leaving this site.

This product uses the Skype API but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Skype.

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