Back to life

Whew, what a month. The absence of new postings was mainly caused by the fact, that I've been extremely busy on several fronts at once. Most importantly I've been busy writing my second Bachelors Thesis which had to be handed in until last night.

Granted, I started quite late working on the thesis, but the fact that there has been a several weeks long internet-outage at my place excuses a bit, that after I finally started I couldn't progress as planned. Furthermore at work there have been several big changes for me.

I changed the team, shifted my focus to a different project and, as I'm one of the most experienced persons in that area, have been working a lot to meet the tight schedules and keep the team together and focussed on meeting all deadlines. Furthermore, for these changes I also had to move my workplace which took also some time to finish up completely. I was able to take some days off by short notice but progress was not as wished in this time.

Well, the main part of the stress is now over and I hope that I can cope well with the remaining stuff. Which is preparing for the bachelor exam on October 1st. For that, some presentations need to be created and practiced and also the preparation and learning for three areas of expertise has to happen until then so that I'm able to pass.

But at least I can breathe a bit better now. For now at least...


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