Lifesign - Part 2

Once again I've had no time for an update for quite some time. The causes this time were increased task-load at work and an accumulation of important events (birthdays, jubilees, etc.). And I have to admit this browsergame has still a part of my time.

My dear is currently abroad in London, which means that I'm on my own and others say that I'm "free". I don't really feel more free than before. To the contrary something's missing and this feeling is stronger than the sense of freedom.

This weekend I attended another LARP but this time supporting the game leaders which means if somewhere a battle has to be fought we as NPCs (non-player-characters) have to slip into the roles of the enemies.

There were some funny twists during the play. I had been planned for an important part of a plot over the whole weekend but after I had slipped into that character for about half an hour I was murdered from behind... Bye bye carefully planned plot, game leaders had to improvise quite a bit to compensate this loss.

All in all it was quite fun with only few points of criticism left.

At work my overall job will change a bit in the upcoming time. I'm trying to get a bit out of my shell where I'm currently working in and get in touch with another team which works for an enourmous project abroad. Also I'll participate in trainings around Java and frameworks and so on. Was a nice feeling to hear that other teams were discussing on who gets their hands on me.


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