I participate in an auxiliary fire brigade. The nature of this causes infrequent alerts at godless times and out of the blue where one has to haste and get to the point of action. Usually that means that we're called to a car accident or help people and equipment out of uncomfortable situations where they can't get out on their own. But sometimes this also means that you get into situations which really make you think.

Today was such a day when I received the alert AND was at home and available to participate in this emergency mission. Altough we had some difficulties getting out of the fire station (specifically, too few people available) we finally arrived at the car crash site. And what a site that was. Already present were:

  • police with two vehicles
  • three ambulance vehicles
  • emergency physician vehicle
  • emergency helicopter

Wow. What an accumulation of emergency people. Must be quite an accident I thought. And I were right: Two quite deformed cars were standing on the side of the road and in one vehicle two people were still inside. The other more damaged car was empty. The next view revealed that the two people inside the car were stuck in there and the people from the other car were located on each side of their car surrounded by rescue personnel.

And one passenger of the car, a little girl(?) of about 10 years, was receiving cardiac massage and artificial respiration...

I don't think that the child made it. It was transported off-site later with an ordinary ambulance-bus and without haste while another victim which was still conscious was brought to hospital with the helicopter... The ambulance people also didn't have optimistic faces.

Update: Newspapers today said, the 12 year old boy died on the way to hospital. May you not be forgotten, little fellow.


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