Car locking lazyness

My workplace is in a corner of our building where I have a full view on our main entrance. When I'm sitting at my computers nobody can enter or leave the building through the main entrance without being recognized by me. And from time to time I observe some strange habbits of the people.

One of those strange behaviours is when employees from carrying businesses (like mail service, pizza or FedEx) deliver something. They hardly ever lock their vehicles when they enter the building. To the contrary some of them even leave a big truck with all doors wide open standing in the middle of the place with the engine running and enter the building. I'd just had to walk over, enter the car and drive away or pick up some expensive-looking goods. They'd never notice. Well, they would but not immediately and they couldn't tell where their deliveries had disappeared.

From time to time also other people leave their vehicles alone unsecured.

I think that this is a good sign for our culture and safety. Of course occassionally things are stolen from an unlocked car but in general I have no problem leaving my car unlocked for some minutes. There are not so many places in the western world where you can behave like that. Of course, I wouldn't let my keys left in the car...


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