Vacation halftime

Ok, one week behind me and one still ahead. Besides a bit of timeout we tried to clean up some of our rooms (more or less successfully, depending on the room), doing laundry, making some visits, building a wall to back our terrace and hang out once or twice in the evenings (and mornings) with our friends. We didn't manage to make a visit to the open air bath because either of the weather or of the other stuff taking the time for it.

I also made some visits to my doctor because of my pains in the back and it seems that I have a harm in one of my intervertebral discs. If it's a permanent damage or not... the doctor couldn't (or didn't) tell. Nevertheless, I'll have to do gymnastics and take massages to build up the supporting muscles around my spine. Well, I always wanted to do some more sports but now I'm forced to it.

In the upcoming week, we'll have to take care of my grandmother at home because my parents took a week complete off from here and headed to an alp.


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