Digitus WLAN-card on Win2k

For some months now I've tried to install a Digitus WLAN card on my stationary computer at home without success. The system on that machine is Windows 2000, not enough space and performance for WinXP there.

Nevertheless I purchased a very cheap WLAN card for that machine to hook it up and get it online. Just that it didn't work.

I decided to do a fresh ground-up install of the OS on that machine because it already had some quirks here and there after being alife for more than about four years on that machine. Thought it, done it. Still didn't work. What the...

At that point I started quite intense investigation and testing effords to get that computer online. And that's what I've come up with (in no particular order):

  • Windows 2000 has a quite rudimentary WLAN support (backported from WinXP, no autoconfig)
  • the Digitus WLAN card has a Marvell Libertas 802.11 b/g Wireless (8335) chipset
  • the included driver for Win2k on the CD is not working
  • the updated driver on the Digitus homepage is crap (the download package contains a driver for a different adapter)
  • Marvell has no support for its own chipset online on their homepage
  • a more up-to-date and working driver fileset can be downloaded here, a FreeBSD member page :)
  • no WPA-PSK wireless networking on Win2k without tool from the manufacturer
  • of course, Marvell offers no such tool
  • but McAfee Wireless Security offers such a functionality for Win2k, currently trying that
  • wpa_suppliciant seems to offer a similar functionality, didn't try that

What a ride... And now there are ~50 Windows updates ahead for this box.


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