Back on track

Back at work. After relaxing for two weeks (altough not as much as expected/wished) I'm aligning my mind again in business thinking and maintenance procedures.

Not as much relaxing as wished because we grilled four times which meant that four days were filled with preparations, grilling, eating and cleaning up everything again. But it was nice to have friends and relatives around.

What's bad is that my laptops harddisk seems to give up. Last Friday I recognized strange noises from it and on Saturday I wasn't able to shutdown without bluescreen (something about page-in-error). Currently I'm avoiding to turn it on except for backup purposes which haven't been so successful yet. Trying to make an HDD-image over network on a Samba-share but always hitting a 2GB filesize limitation... Next thing to try is to use a NFS share.

And I've been to hospital and doctors to check out the state of my back and my strange 'allergy'. This evening I have my first appointment with the physiotherapist. As for the allergy I have to take notes under which circumstances I show which symtoms, diary-like, because the allergy-tests have been all negative and no one can currently make out a trigger for my inconveniences. Not that they bother me that much but I just have to know what's up with that...


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