Back (again)

Well, once again through a period of silence. Caused by two reasons:

  • some problems with my blog software or tighter hoster restrictions (dunno yet but suspect the latter)
  • a week vacation at the end of my sweets school holidays

Some highlights of the last off-work week:

  • reworked our heating plumbing, now much less heat is wasted in our central heating system and it sustains longer with fewer refills
  • added thermic insulation and underfloor heating on all remaining floors in the upper floor (grin)
  • did an instant-trip to Vienna for some strolling, sightseeing and visiting a nice classic concert in the Wiener Hofburg

No sunlight without shadow:

  • floor heating is still not finished, the brick layer always cancels appointments for laying our floor pavement
  • we lost almost two hours in one of the common traffic jams on our trip to Vienna

But the bricklayer now has told us that he'll be here on Wednesday.


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