October 31, 2006

Blog layout works during sickness

And after the comment reworks I'm continuing with a complete overhaul of the general layout. I've been sick since beginning of last week but it's getting better now every day. So I had quite some spare time at home tinkering a bit with the blog templates. I'm finished with the main page and I think the individual entry pages are not that bad so far. I'm disappointed with the category and months archives tough, these still require some work. And because the category archives have caused me some headaches with MovableType in the past I'm considering of dropping them completely. Just that there is no other possibility of grouping my posts in that case... Have still to think about that.

In the meantime if you have suggestions concerning anything other than the plain layout of the pages, drop me a comment.

October 14, 2006

Blog comment changes

I just reworked a bit of the comment backend here in my blog (again).

Why did no one tell me that it's been quite hard to post comments if the Post-button is below the bottom border of the comment-window and this window has it's scrollbars deactivated? Nevertheless, this should work now again.

And I also changed the spamprotection. Now if you post a comment, you have to write a special word in an additional entry field. This should now finally lock out all automatic spammers which have managed to slip through my protections up until today. And human spammers will in my opinion never be reliably blockable by automatic mechanisms. So it's as best as it can get I think for that problem.

Of course there are still some other problems with the commenting in my blog here and there but now you should really be able to tell me via a comment in this post for example.

October 12, 2006


In the last few weeks work progress was relatively high but in the recent days it has somewhat stalled. This is because we have been preparing a big project with overarching changes for the central computer systems of our customer and currently our plannings are in evaluation and preparation for signing. And before contracts aren't signed I cannot start my technical preparations.

So, currently I'm more or less busy with maintenance work and other small things I've been shifting ahead for quite some time now but not much of it is very interesting.

But on the other side I got a brand new TFT screen to replace my main work monitor and I expect to receive another TFT and a new computer to replace my oldest machine here in a few days. A third TFT was initially offered but I doubt that I'll get it. Altough a wall of TFTs on my table would certainly contribute greatly to the geekness factor. The TFTs also have buildin speakers so that I'm now listening to music streams all day.

October 3, 2006

Link Dump

It's that time again: Link Dump!

Cool Stuff

  • (no cool stuff this time)

Personal Development


Computer Technology

  • TiddlyWiki 2.1.0 has been released with great new features
  • MobileRead Wiki is a small Wiki containing quite recent informations about mobile reading devices like the insanely expensive Iliad
  • DM2 is a small Windows utility which enhances program windows with new features like "minimize to tray" etc.

Stress and "Good Bye"

Yeah I know, I've been silent for two weeks again. But (as always) I've got reasons.

The main reason is that last week in the night from Monday to Tuesday, my darlings grandpa has left us forever. He's been an impressive and great man for many people and we all will miss him and keep him in our hearts. Dedicating his whole life for others, he wouldn't have agreed to what was organized for his inhumation but everyone thinks he deserved it more than many other people. I do so.

Then my darling has also continued playing her instrument but just with another band. She likes the new people much better than the ones in her old band and I think that she'll have much fun there.

And some other small things which in sum lower the stress-level a bit compared to the last few weeks.