March 26, 2007

Lifesign and Dr. Dobb's Journal link

Once again it's such of a time where I'm quite busy with personal and work related issues that I don't find the time to put up a new post. Just about now I've got some spare minutes and thought of it and there you have it now.

What I found today is, that the all famous Dr. Dobb's Journal for software developers is available online from NXTBook Media. It's accessible here:

With some URL-modification there are also older editions available until back to Aug. 06. Somehow I have the feeling that the availability of this magazine and the older editions was not intentional because normally you have to pay for a subscription. Nevertheless, I've downloaded all of the available editions as PDFs (on some editions you do not have a direct link on the starting page but have to go through the Save-button) and look forward on how this develops in the future.

Update Apr. 13th: The May issue of DDJ is now also available here.

March 16, 2007

Massive Link Dump

It's already been more than a month and quite a pile of links has accumulated, wow. So let's get it on:

Cool Stuff

  • is a shop where you can order all sorts of magnets from the tiniest to the strongest. Strong stuff here.
  • The Animated Knots page has a great list of knots for all possible reasons (the "Decorative" section is very nice) and an animated guide for every single knot

Personal Development


Computer Technology

  • Feng-Gui analyzes your webpage using mathematical and statistical models and tells you where your visitors are visually focussing on
  • The OpenLink AJAX Toolkit is another AJAX toolkit with a rich collection of widgets, event and data access layer management systems and a nice online demo
  • ImgBurn is a free and lightweight imaging and burning application with support for many formats and drives
  • A Roundup for Developers is quite a good list of webpages and tools for aiding software development and surely contains something for everyone



March 7, 2007

The case for piracy


(from) That's it, Amen.

March 4, 2007

Car expenses

Yesterday the clutch of my car wore off. I recognized it in the morning when I was on the highway trying to overtake another car and my rpm-display went up but my speed-display stayed the same. So I decided to drive defensively for the rest of the day and make an appointment to the garage in the afternoon. I had to go there anyway for an optical repair someone caused last Saturday by touching my car during parking (which is already paid by him).

I decided to combine the clutch repair with a complete service which is also overdue now by 2 or 3 thousand kilometers (a few weeks of driving).

My misfortune was that repairing the clutch is not a trivial task with my car and that the service for my vehicle also includes a change of the cam belt at 120.000km where I'm around now. Also no trivial task.

In total the estimated costs are currently almost equal to one months salary but I expect them to become even a bit higher than that. I'll know more next week, when the garage is finished with the car.

March 2, 2007

Career and progress

Ah, finally. After years of working on the same project with the same customer now, the chances are high that I'll be participating in another project somewhere starting in the next few weeks.

It was quite a long hike but now I can really expect something changing within a month, maybe even faster.

I also had already some introduction-meetings and next Monday will be another one. The new challenges cover new technologies, Java, more database contact and I think I may get in touch with a few other people in the company.

This time it really looks serious. Seems as if my stubbornness and constant talking with people from other projects have finally paid off :)