Online payment

Finally, they got me. I've recently opened a PayPal account. I've been forced to this step because my hoster, who has transferred my Freepgs-account to his servers for free until now, has decided to take 3$ per year as payment to keep up this "free" hosting.

Three dollars is not even worth to mention, but nevertheless has to be paid somehow. And the only possibility for me is the Paypal-method as the other ones require either creditcard or giving personal data to companies I've never heard of.

So I finally got over my antipathy for such online-payment-services and signed up for an account. Maybe I can then also shop a bit easier abroad. There are already some sites (here or here) where the unability to purchase without giving creditcard or other personal information prevented me to acquire something.

For now I've tried to transfer 25EUR from my bank account to PayPal. It's stated, that it can take a few days for the transfer to arrive.

I'm curious how this works out...


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