Songs with Impact

Recently there are many shows on TV with charts of the best lovesongs, the best discosongs, the best countrysongs, the best cabrio-hits and every other possible grouping. You surely know what I'm talking about.

Well, while being busy with avoiding those shows I couldn't resist on remembering which music titles had a bit of impact on my personal life. Which I remember, which I associate with something...

  • U96 - Das Boot, this is the song which brought me into electronic music at the beginning of the 90s. I liked it that time and I still like it. Sadly this style of music has become old. I'd still like more of that.
  • Loona - Bailando, was a summer-hit when when my best friend got his first girlfriend and I was very often hanging around with them and "making party". These were the best summer nights of my life so far... The summers of late 90s.
  • Lighthouse Family - High, was playing when for the first time I had the feeling that a girl was replying my emotions. Well, she didn't, it was only me fooling myself into that. Teenager-stuff...
  • Eminem - Without me, and
  • Outkast - Hey ya!

The latter two don't remind me of a special moment or event but rather such a feel-good-emotion which I rarely get otherwise. There are only few other moments or things in my life which can bring this special emotion up from inside me. Such things are the songs from Lord of the Dance and Feet of Flames, irish stepdance or when I came together with my girlfriend.

Nevertheless, music can cause emotions and feelings quite often inside me. But rarely in the intensity of the examples above...


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