"Mood Music" or What I took from the Eurovision Song Contest 2010

Surely you all know this situation. You hear a song or some tunes and within moments your mood just changes from whatever to what the song is about. For me this does not happen very often, maybe just a handfull of times a year or so. And most of the time it's not even a new song but one which you already heard in the past and which you are somehow mentally connected to. Maybe it not only reliably triggers a certain mood but also some memories, good or bad ones.

My personal repertoire of such "mood music" is not that big but maybe the connected emotions, moods and memories are more intense because of that. And I think it's perfectly ok that way.

For example one of those songs is High from the Lighthouse Family which instantly brings up memories of the first girl I've fallen in love quite seriously. Well, as many teenage affections this one was not returned and faded over time. But still, it was the first one. I don't know exactly why it's that song but I think I can remember it being played in the background when I had a close moment with that girl. Or another unrelated example, Das Boot from U96, the one song/melody which got me into listening to 90s-Techno and other electronic music.

I think the last week has proven that I probably can add another song to my pack. It's Madcon's interpretation of their own song Glow for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. Altough I missed most of the show, I accidentially tuned in for this break-filler. And boy, I didn't regret. It took me totally unprepared and after the almost eight minutes of happiness overdose my not-so-great mood from the last few weeks has vanished and I've too been infected with an almost euphoric and happy state of mind. And it's still that way today, even although I've listened to this song now a hundred times and I guess it will keep that way for some time.

What's strange though is that the full effect only hits if watching the video, especially in HD. Maybe it's because it's cutting and choreography is done so that you really see only happy and excited faces for eight minutes and there are so much details in the pictures that you can watch it often and still discover something new and funny. Perhaps its long enough and re-watchable enough so that the presented positive mood just seeps deep enough into your subconsciousness.

But in the end it's completely irrelevant how it works, just that it does! What about you, do you have any similar songs on your mind which are able to turn you completely around?


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