Wii impressions and Zelda Twilight Princess bug

Ok, it's Monday and I had a few hours on the weekend to play around with the Wii and Zelda. Currently I'm having sore muscles around my neck and shoulders from playing tennis, bowling and boxing in the Wii Sports bundle but it's been worth it so far.

Zelda has been also quite satisfying until now and there has been just one downturn. About 15 minutes after the beginning where you get your horse and have to roundup the goats. After bringing in the goats there is a chance to practice showjumping where you can finish the practice by jumping over the exit doors. During practicing I saved the game and then left the room with the game inside a menu. When I came back the Wiimote has turned itself off because of inactivity and the game said that it has lost connection to the controller. I reactivated the Wiimote and the game found it again but the button to continue playing stayed disabled. No problem so far I thought, resetted and reloaded my savegame. Surprisingly I again got the duty to roundup the goats but they refused to enter their stable. And also the fence of the area was opened opposed to it's state when I saved the game so I couldn't leap over it with my horse. In the end I was completely unable to finish this quest and had to dump this savegame. It wasn't a large drawback because I just needed 10 minutes to reach this spot again but I hope such errors don't pop up later in the gameplay again. In the future I'll have to look out not to be inside an active quest while saving.


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